Public Transportation

The inner city boroughs of Berlin have a very well connected public transportation network. It includes buses, subways (U-Bahn), commuter trains (S-Bahn) and trams. Many of the stops and stations are accessible. Fully or partially accessible connections can be found at: If an elevator at one of the stations is not working, it will […]

Travelling to Berlin

Berlin has five long-distance railway stations (Berlin-Hauptbahnhof, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Berlin-Südkreuz, Berlin-Ostbahnhof, Berlin-Spandau) and two airports (Berlin-Tegel/TXL und Berlin-Schönefeld/SXF). All of the railway stations and the airports are well connected to the public transportation network and offer mobility assistance services to people with disabilities. By Train People with disabilities are provided with extensive information for their journey […]

Wheelchair Taxis and Shuttle Services in Berlin

Unfortunately there are very few taxis in Berlin that can transport wheelchairs. Trips should therefore be booked early. A list of wheelchair taxi providers can be found here: Of course any taxi can be used if the wheelchair user can transfer himself or herself from the wheelchair and the wheelchair fits in the trunk. Taxi […]