In an Emergency

Important emergency numbers 112 – Fire department, ambulance 110 – Police 030 – 31 00 31 – Emergency doctors on call (Kassenärztlicher Notdienst) for home visits or consultation by telephone 030 – 19 240 – Poison control center Emergency Number for deaf people A fax form for emergenices can be printed from: The fax […]

Technical Help

Assistive Devices In Berlin you can rent assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walking aids, ramps and more at the German Red Cross. Information can be found here: If your wheelchar needs to be repaired there is a repair service available – 24 hours a day in case of emergency: Medical Supply Stores   […]

Outpatient Care, Assistive Services and Dialysis

Outpatient Care Services A comprehensive list of more than 500 outpatient care services can be searched here: Assistive Services If you are in need of a personal assistant, the following sites can be helpful for finding various services: Dialysis while on Holiday   There are quite a few dialysis centers in Berlin that […]

Accessible Pharmacies

At this time there is no complete list of all the accessible pharmacies in Berlin available. Most pharmacies, however, are accessible or have a doorbell so that a wheelchair user can alert the staff. The schedule of which pharmacies are offering 24 hour emergency service on a give day can be found here: When […]