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In an Emergency

Important emergency numbers 112 – Fire department, ambulance 110 – Police 030 – 31 00 31 – Emergency doctors on call (Kassenärztlicher Notdienst) for home visits or consultation by telephone 030 – 19 240 – Poison control center Emergency Number for deaf people A fax form for emergenices can be printed from: The fax must be sent to 110 (police) even if the fire department or an ambulance are needed. The police department will then take the appropriate steps to respond to the situation. The emergency number 112 cannot receive faxes. An emergency cell phone text message can...

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Technical Help

Assistive Devices In Berlin you can rent assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walking aids, ramps and more at the German Red Cross. Information can be found here: If your wheelchar needs to be repaired there is a repair service available – 24 hours a day in case of emergency: Medical Supply Stores   There are many medical supply stores in Berlin. We recommend the following stores: (, Medicar (, Reha Team Vital...

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Outpatient Care, Assistive Services and Dialysis

Outpatient Care Services A comprehensive list of more than 500 outpatient care services can be searched here: Assistive Services If you are in need of a personal assistant, the following sites can be helpful for finding various services: Dialysis while on Holiday   There are quite a few dialysis centers in Berlin that specifically offer holiday dialysis for people who are dependant on treatment. A list of the centers can be found here:

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Accessible Pharmacies

At this time there is no complete list of all the accessible pharmacies in Berlin available. Most pharmacies, however, are accessible or have a doorbell so that a wheelchair user can alert the staff. The schedule of which pharmacies are offering 24 hour emergency service on a give day can be found here: When in doubt, we recommend that wheelchair users call the pharmacy in advance to inquire about its accessibility and if need be, to let the staff know in advance that one is coming...

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