Important emergency numbers

112 – Fire department, ambulance

110 – Police

030 – 31 00 31 – Emergency doctors on call (Kassenärztlicher Notdienst) for home visits or consultation by telephone

030 – 19 240 – Poison control center

Emergency Number for deaf people

A fax form for emergenices can be printed from:

The fax must be sent to 110 (police) even if the fire department or an ambulance are needed. The police department will then take the appropriate steps to respond to the situation. The emergency number 112 cannot receive faxes.

An emergency cell phone text message can be sent using the fax prefix of the respective cell phone provider (D1 and D22: 99, Eplus: 1551, O2: 329) before dialing the phone number 030 466486418. The message should describe the emergency situation by answering the questions WHAT, WHERE, WHO using a maximum of 160 characters.

Since these are rather complicated solutions, in an emergency it may be better to just send an emergency text message to a friend or acquaintance, asking them to place a phone call to the emergency number.

Emergency Rooms

There are 39 emergency rooms in Berlin that are open around-the-clock. Here is a list with them all:

Finding a Doctor

To find accessible doctors’ offices you can search this list with various accessibility criteria (only in German)